Smart Search for eCommerce


Smart Search for eCommerce

Are you aware of the concept of Smart Search for eCommerce?

Yes? / No?

Well, no issues, even if you haven’t heard about this term before, as we’re here to guide you & enlighten you on this important yet ‘not-so-common’ topic!

And if you’re into the eCommerce business, then it is more crucial for your business. Let’s see how!

What is Smart Search & How does it Work?

Smart Search refers to search systems powered by Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing & Artificial Intelligence. Smart Search can intuit users’ preferences by analyzing their previous behavioral patterns throughout the web.

There is often a specific goal for the user, and they may not necessarily have the exact search terms at their disposal. Smart Search helps fill the gap by understanding the intent behind a user’s search query & providing the most appropriate result for the query. Thus, satisfying the user effectively. It, therefore, helps in reducing the bounce rate & increasing the conversion rate. 

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What is a Smart Search Engine for Ecommerce?

Well! Have you ever given thought to what if your users are coming to your e-commerce website & using your search bar for searching products but not searching the terms you’ve targeted throughout your content? What if they’re not using the exact keywords they’re supposed to use after visiting your website? 
What if users are searching these queries On-site:

  • “Man’s gift to say I’m sorry” 
  • “Sexy looking glasses for old people” 
  • “Wine glasses that hold a bottle of wine” 
  • “I want to have the best appearance at the prom” 

This is where Smart Search comes in! With a predictive and intuitive mechanism for searching for products based on the purchase patterns of consumers, you can provide the best results & increase the chances of getting higher conversions. 

For instance, the search query “I want to have the best appearance at the prom,” would result in all the products which the user is intending to find or will preferably choose from the available products on the website via a smart eCommerce Search Algorithm.

What are the Significant Features of Smart Search for E-commerce? 

Voice Search in eCommerce

Voice Search in eCommerce
Smart Search allows users to search their queries via their voice without the need of typing any word. E-commerce can leverage this technology to facilitate their users to search for products via their voice. Artificial Intelligence (AI) makes it possible through the concept of speech recognition. It helps people with disabilities, illiterate users & users consumed in some other activities to get their queries addressed smoothly. It even takes mispronunciations into account & presents accurate results.

Consumer Behavior Insights 

Consumer Behavior Insights 
A Smart Ecommerce Search Engine would help you get in-depth insights into your customers’ minds; what queries they could use to search for your products. By analyzing the buying intent, consumer behavior, and search patterns, you can prioritize selling based on popular searches. Moreover, it could also unlock more opportunities for your business to expand your product line. You can offer them add-ons or variants of the products they already love or based on their uncommon search queries. 

Smart Positioning

Smart Positioning
Based on the insights of your consumers, the intelligent search algorithm sorts the products ranking & regularly shuffles the position based on the updated analytics. Thus, it helps in increasing the chances of getting a higher conversion rate & boosting your ROI! 


Having a plethora of products on your website makes it difficult for users to stride across to the desired product. However, the autosuggestion feature of the Smart Search Algorithm makes it easier for users to get to the preferred product by incorporating relevant suggestions into the drop-down search panel. 

Popular Searches

Popular Searches
Smart Search Algorithm helps in highlighting the most sought-after products to make the customer journey delightful & successful. 

Phonetic Search Algorithm in eCommerce

Phonetic Search Algorithm in eCommerce
It functions by identifying words based on their sounds. Thus, it interprets different spellings with similar pronunciations correctly & presents an accurate result for such queries.   

Semantic Search Algorithm

Semantic Search Algorithm
Semantic search in eCommerce makes browsing more productive by better comprehending the intent of the user behind the search term; instead of simply matching keywords to products. This way, the algorithm efficiently understands long-tail sentences & addresses them more accurately.  

For instance, a search query: ‘L-sized black t-shirt men’ would display a list of relevant available products!

Image Search

Image Search | E-commerce
Users can upload images for the product they are searching for & the algorithm would display similar results through image recognition. 

Customer Retention

Customer Retention via Smart Search in eCommerce
These smart features are generally used by Search Engines such as Google, where users can type in any query or use voice search & they get the desired results most of the time. Likewise, if eCommerce site owners would leverage such features to satisfy their customers efficiently, they would definitely be able to retain their customers permanently, as users would directly hop into such smart eCommerce sites & satisfy themselves instantly. 

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics
The Smart Algorithm presents comprehensive search performance analytics such as: 

 1. The best-seller v/s the worst seller

This data will help you analyze which products to focus on & which products to modify or remove altogether.

2. Ineffective Searches

Ineffective Searches refer to those searches where users do not click on any results, as the results might not be relevant to them. Such queries might be utilized to broaden the scope of your product line.

3. Search Locations

Search Analytics helps you get a clear idea of where most of your users are coming from & which products are more popular in which regions & vice versa.

4. Devices Used

This data will help you create a seamless online experience for users, according to the respective devices they use.


Personalization in eCommerce
The best way to please a customer is by delivering a personalized search experience. The Smart eCommerce Algorithm aids in delivering a tailored search result for each user, increasing the likelihood of conversion.


Smart Search Algorithm takes your eCommerce Business to another level. It offers features such as Voice Search, Consumer Behavior Insights, Smart Ranking, Autosuggestion, Popular Searches, Phonetic Search, Semantic Search, Image Search, Customer Retention, Advanced Analytics, Personalization, etc. It is the best way to get your customers addicted to your website for their shopping needs. 

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